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The XYZ Club was founded by a merger of various entities in the Greater Los Angeles region of California to "promote the advancement of science, mathematics, history and craft, and to provide a forum for enthusiasts to meet and exchange knowledge in a sociable setting." In the Spring, the decree was extended to include... "Furthermore, to prolong the lifeline of The Velaslavasay Panorama, whose presence is tested by the firm grasp of economics and history."

The name XYZ derives its signification from the imaginary line at infinity, where all points and planes cross. In this environment, the mutations of a figure may be traced through shifting perspective, allowing complete transformations and reorientations mapped to an origin. This haven functions like a mobius band. At one point rests the aesthetic imagination, beauty, for sake of itself, sliding into knowledge-- a voyage of elaboration. Then comes a turn where the external and internal meet indistinguishably. Nourishment awakens the senses of livelihood, tonal vibrations lend themselves to visceral organs, and we are back at the beginning-- as if experience were caught suspended in time between artistry and fascination.

We ask the Investigator of the month... What do you hold so dearly that beckons an ethereal pedestal? What elements do we cast into the fire to ignite our wonder and place a sparkle in our gaze?



The following outlines the Axioms of the XYZ

0. Meetings are held once a month in the garden, from May to November of the year twenty-thirteen. Delights are devoured with an exploration of the passions and experiments of XYZ Investigators.

1. Monthly rotating Investigators decide the structure and contents of the meeting-- to the amusement of XYZ Members.

2. Assemblies are limited to 30 persons, though the Club at large may be an infinite set.

3. Preannouncements of attendance is required. A $30 value is placed on the reservation of a position in the assembly. All monetary contributions circulate in the formation and preservation of the Panorama.


Past & Future Assemblies

XYZ #1: Sylvia Alting van Geusau of the Netherlands, Host- May 12, 2013, 6-8p

XYZ #2: Zed Adams, Host - June 9, 2013, 6-8p [elaborated in Sec-III of web directory]

XYZ #3: The Affair of x y & z [Tonpsychologie] - July 27, 2013 9-midnight [feat. Nick Malkin, Brian Allen Simon, George Jensen, Ian James & Maxfield Hegedus]

XYZ #4: Lekha Jandhyala, George Tetsuo, Ramya Harishankar, Christopher Garcia - August 11, 2013 [elaborated in Sec-III of directory]

XYZ #5: Lun*na Menoh, Host - October 20, 2013 [elaborated in Sec-III of directory]

XYZ#6: Tosh Berman, Host - Vinyl Listening Party - November 17, 2013 [elaborated in Sec-III of directory]

XYZ Anniversary: Dr. Russell Potter, Host - Glacial Garden Feast - May 09, 2014 [ elaborated here ]

XYZ#8: Sue Truman, Host - Voyage au Sud Sans La Lune - July 26, 2014 6pm-10pm [ elaborated here ]

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garden theater panorama